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California Coastal Commission clearly acknowledges damage WILL be done to Trestles

February 05 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

It's hard to believe that anyone still has any doubt that substantial damage will be done to the Trestles watershed.

A report just released for tomorrow's meeting (actual pages posted below) and prepared by the California Coastal Commission says that damage will be done and it says so with great clarity... but don't take my word for it. Read on.

... “A review of TCA’s newly submitted Runoff Management Plan reveals that it is quite probable an increase in fine sediment will occur. Additionally, the flow velocities in San Mateo Creek are likely to be reduced. Either result will impact the continued existence of the cobble delta. Therefore, the Commission concludes that the proposed toll road will likely affect the specific mix of sediments, sands, and cobbles thus resulting in an impact to the surfing resources... If adverse effects occurred they would be unmitigable and irreversible.”

And don't miss tomorrow's historic meeting (we expect to at least double the record of attendees of a Coastal Commision hearing).

This is your chance to weigh in. Don't let it pass you by. MEETING DETAILS.

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