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California Coastal Commission votes in favor of recomendation regarding Solana Beach seawalls

March 07 2012 | Beach access, Victories, Coastal development, Chapters, Coastal armoring,

24 hours ago I posted a blog about a California Coastal Commission meeting that took place today. Yesterday I essentially made the case that beaches belong to the public and seawalls take that land away from the public with the intent of protecting private property.

The California Coastal Commission voted today and agreed, unanimously.

Specifically, the California Coastal Commission approved Solana Beach's local coastal plan (land use plan).

This vote insures that the land use plan does two important things.

First, sea walls and shoreline protective devices should be reevaluated every 20 years for their necessity, impacts, etc.

Second, the city has 18 months to develop mitigation fee for beach loss due to shoreline armoring. This fee is a compensation loss of the public’s beach due shoreline armoring.

Kudos to all from the San Diego chapter of Surfrider that have participated in this campaign over the years and to the the couple dozen activists that were there today.

If there is one person at the center this fight for the past 16 years it’s fellow Solana Beach resident and maven Jim Jaffe. On the steps of hearing I asked Jim for his thoughts.

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