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California nears a tipping point with single-use plastics

April 02 2014 | Plastics,

Surfrider's special sauce is it's grassroots network.

Unlike many other environmental groups we see the winds of change driven by locals in coastal towns.

Local residents see the demise of their beaches first hand. They are the ones picking up plastic trash when they surf or walk with friends. They are also the ones who don't wait around for others, at the State or Federal level, to pass legislation that helps protect the places they love.

The recent single-use bag ban in Sonoma County represents our 70th win related to keeping plastic trash out of the ocean.

Three points here.

First, all such wins are team efforts, it's never about one person or one group. We're always stoked to work alongside other groups with a similar vision to minimize plastic trash.

Second, California is poised to become the first state to adopt legislation at the state-level to minimize single-use plastics (Hawaii has a ban that is statewide but it was won by default, by winning bans on all islands).

Third, you can help make this happen.

Let's look at the numbers.

74 total single-use plastic related ordinances have been passed in the state of California.

103 California cities and counties are covered by these ordinances, that list is here

This grassroots-led effort offers is a roadmap of how state-level policy is changed from the ground up via groups like Surfrider Foundation.

At some point those numbers become an unstoppable force and the state of California will follow Hawaii's lead.

We're getting closer every day and we need your help, join our ranks and let's not stop pushing this until we succeed. 

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