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Capturing the essence of water in 3 seconds

March 23 2012 | Water, Joy, Communications, Modern Activism, Water Quality, Surfing,

How can you capture something as valuable as water in 3 seconds? We asked our supporters to do just that and more than 160 people sent in films from all regions of the planet (France, South Africa, Australia, Romania...).

We mixed 'em all together and layered in one of our favorite artists, Zee Avi, to capture the mood. Check out Zee's music here.

The three winners for best submission are Keenan May, Alejandro Antolinez and Adam Fricke (their films are below).

Here are 100's of the submissions, huge thanks to all that participated in this effort. We LOVE this film.

The winner's films:

Keenan May from Ann Arbor, Michigan

Alejandro Antolinez from Biarritz, France

Adam Fricke from Winter Springs, Florida

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