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Changing the boards beneath our feet: The Michael Stewart and Kevin Whilden podcast

August 08 2011 | Podcasts, Stories, Surfing,

Michael Stewart and Kevin Whilden are trying to change the world and they're starting with our surfboards.

The truth is that they aren't starting there. They've been active in Surfrider's network for years but they want to go deeper.

They're tired of buying toxic surfboards and want an alternative... but even that's not enough. They want ALL surfers to have an alternative and they want that alternative to perform as good or better than your last epoxy board.

This is that story, I love the direction they are going and our activist network is sure to embrace these guys as well.

The phrase "refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle" takes on new meaning with Michael and Kevin.

Listen in as we catch up on a Friday evening at Swamis in Encinitas.

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