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Chapters reach 81

May 06 2011 | Chapters,

Surfrider's chapter network continues to grow. I posted a blog a few days ago sharing that the chapter network hit the 80 mark.

This week we added another chapter.

Our 81st chapter is also our 5th chapter in the Hawaiian islands. Previously we had one chapter on four of the Hawaiian islands (Kauai, Maui, Oahu and Hawaii).

Our 5th chapter in Hawaii is a second chapter on the island of Hawaii, in Hilo.

We could not be more excited to see this kind of growth in a state that is arguably both the most pristine and most potentially impacted by issues such as single-use plastics.

One data point that people may not know is that we don't have a goal tied to our number of chapters. That is to say we absolutly seek to grow our chapter network organically but much more important than the size of the network is the strength of each individual chapter. Thus when a new chapter is formed it's a fabulous reflection on that organic growth.

When a chapter is formed it literally means a group of locals have decided that they will organize to protect their local coastal region.

Welcome aboard Hilo.

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