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China oil spill doubles in size

July 21 2010 | Oil Pollution, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

In case you haven't heard, there has been an oil spill in China. And as of today, the spill has doubled in size and has become China's largest oil spill ever. Oh yes... it's also cast an oily sheen on China's "most livable city." Here's more on that story, complete with some fairly horrific photos. Are we hearing these signs of warning? Sometimes it feels like the Gulf disaster was the first oil spill to make people's radar, which in itself is tragic. Last year a spill very similar to the one happening in the United States took place off the coast of Western Australia. That spill went on for ten weeks yet was hardly mentioned by American media. I'm guessing that very few of us have heard of the 2,300+ spills that took place in the Mediterranean in the space of one year. The Gulf spill is massive and its scale is quite large... yet it's not unique. Here is a history of oil spills. It's worth a gander.
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