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Chris Tola: On The Beach podcast

November 15 2007 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Chris Tola, Chair of Surfrider Australia, at San Onofre, CA.

Surfrider Foundation's mission is not limited to the United States.

Although I kind of wish it was. I wish other areas of the globe didn't have to engage to preserve coastal regions... but they do.

In many places on the globe they have enact our mission this with greater vigor than we do as they don't have government agencies engaged/policing coastal issues. And if that's not enough... some places on the globe you'd be sent to jail for activist activities.

But let's talk about Oz.

Australia is an interesting place for Surfrider. They have perhaps the most consistent culture regarding the coasts... they are a "beach nation". Listen in as I catch up with Chris on the rocky banks of the under fire San Onofre.

Catch the podcast with Chris HERE.
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