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Clam sourcing

August 11 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

One of the coolest applications I've read about in recent years was a person using captchas (those letters you are asked to decipher and insert on internet forms) to address real-life text reading challenges. If this even remotely piques your interest, read this article on Luis von Ahn.

The category of what he's doing is routinely called crowdsourcing. Wikipedia is a mainstream recognizable crowdsourced entity and in many ways so is Surfrider... but that's not new, I've posted this theme a few times.

I just read about another insanely low-tech approach that a 72 year old woman has implemented to test water quality.

Yep, clams. Well, actually mollusks. I won't blabber on, check out this article on Harriette Phelps.

Crowdsourcing, clamsourcing... makes perfect sense to me.
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