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Color of the ocean, the Julie Goldstein podcast

April 29 2011 | Podcasts, Stories, Art,

There is something unique... something worthy about talking with an artist whose work reflects their love of the oceans, waves and beaches.

A different language is used in such stories. Situations are translated differently... and represented in an alternative manner.

Julie's story paints an arc from Long Beach Island, New Jersey to Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California.

Her story begins with an ocean connection, includes a chapter that burns to the ground and then resurfaces...  recreated in a new, color-steeped form.

As we walked through her studio she spoke about her love of the ocean and the water... and her desire to capture the color of the water... that feeling of the water. Her image to the left does that for me... water isn't blue. It's a layers upon layers of different colors and textures.

You can see more of her work here.

I caught up with Julie in her studio as she was picking out a piece to donate to the San Diego chapter Art Gala, listen in.



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