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Competing with Justin Bieber

February 22 2011 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

I've always thought that non-profits don't compete with other non-profits. They compete with any alternative a person can invest their time, energy and resources into.

Non-profits, like for-profits, compete with Starbucks, Target, ESPN and someone reading a book.

Once we realize that we'll start to better embrace the fact that we must do two things... really well.

Package for understanding and connection. Toms Shoes does this well. Buy a pair of shoes and another person gets a pair of shoes.


The killer idea isn't the shoe, the style or the name... it's the fact that when you wear a pair of Tom's shoes others see you as caring enough about other people's needs that you bought a pair of shoes for someone. That packaging is simple. It's brilliant.

So how does your business convey what you're selling (regardless if you're selling microchips or environmental conservation)? How do you make your value proposition understandable by a ten year old, how are you building that personal connection point?

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