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Connecting more deeply with our members

September 30 2013 | Communications,

We are making two changes to our membership and donor communications. Both of these changes have the same goal, we want to connect more deeply with you. We want you to see how much your membership and donations mean to us.

Doubling the frequency of Making Waves

Starting next month our members will receive our newsletter, Making Waves, monthly instead of every other month. A lot happens in any given month and this increased cadence will enable us to highlight more that is happening in the Surfrider network. 

Our domestic chapter network has grown to 84 chapters and last year we won 50% more coastal wins than previous years. This year has an equally impressive pace.

Your membership is enabling us to support this work and achieve these wins. 

We want to share more of this information with you and have it be fresher and more current.

Easier to access, looks great on all platforms

We will also make it easier, much easier, to access this information.

We're also moving Making Waves to a format that will be readable on any digital platform. It will look great on a phone, a tablet or your pc. It will scale appropriately when you rotate your screen and we have also made it easier to share stories with your friends. 

Introduction of a printed newsletter for donors

For donors $250 and above we will be introducing a printed newsletter.

This newsletter's first issue will be sent in November. It will be sent twice-a-year and will include stories oriented around longer profiles of campaigns, volunteers and donors. Of course this will be printed with the smallest environmental impact in mind.

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