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Building partnerships with your toes in the sand

March 07 2013 | Joy, Podcasts, Communications, Plastics,

Bonnie Harvey and Michael Houlihan were pioneers of what was has become "cause marketing."

They started out more than 25 years ago, creating the Barefoot Wine brand. In the early days they came to the conclusion that they needed a partner that shared their love of the beach.

As timing would have it, Surfrider was born at this same time. A few years after both entities formed, they came together as partners.

Decades later Barefoot Wine is still a great partner because they embody the essence of Surfrider's mission. Like us, they believe in both the protection AND enjoyment of our beaches.

We have cleaned a whole lot of beaches together and we've shared a few glasses of wine to celebrate our collective work.

I caught up with the founders, Bonnie and Michael, a few days ago at our HQ in San Clemente.

Listen in to hear the story of a company being formed and a partnership naturally being created. 

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