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Crowdsourcing project funds

November 07 2010 | Activism, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

A friend popped this video up on his Facebook wall. I love this concept... the film maker needs funds to finish the film so what does he do? He pops a teaser and a request out to the world. He needs money to finish the film. So he packages the ask for a general consumer viewing... shows part of the film and makes a clean, first-person ask. Clean. Straightforward. Understandable. Direct. I went to the source, ready to help fund it, and found this. Don't overthink this concept... if have a need that you think others will connect with, package it and push it out with an ask. We back off these kinds of things because we're unwilling to fail. What's the downside of pushing something out and NOT getting it funded? Essentially zero. What's the upside? Getting your project funding... we may be talking about the difference between life and death of a project. I believe that IF a mission is worthy than EVERY tool should be explored for it's potential positive impact to accomplishing the mission. This is one more tool. Go.
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