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Cycle of Insanity / Integrated Water Cycle

March 15 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

1. Water is supplied by rain and by importation of water.

2. Impervious surfaces, like pavement, prevent natural absorption and rush polluted water into storm drains.

3. On average households send about 110 gallons of water per person per day to wastewater treatment plants.

4. Wastewater treatment plants send billions of gallons of partially treated water into the ocean every day

5. Storm drains dump urban runoff into our oceans – the number one source of ocean pollution.

6. Because we waste so much drinking water, we must construct energy consuming and fish killing desalination plants to desalt ocean water to meet the demand.

Bottom line: We are importing water, wasting it, using it once and dumping it into the ocean.

1. Water is supplied by rain and by importation of water

2. Ocean Friendly Gardens reduce water use and allow natural absorption, reducing runoff and increasing natural groundwater recharge

3. Houses are designed to conserve water and reuse “gray water”

4. Wastewater treatment plants reclaim water and use it to recharge the ground water

5. Less impervious surfaces and Low Impact Development methods reduce the amount and toxicity of runoff

6. Water recycling reduces the impact on natural water sources

7. Treated water is reused

8. Wetlands are restored and constructed to naturally cleanse water and recharge the ground water

Bottom line: We reduce, reuse and recycle our water, which reduces urban runoff, wastewater effluent and our take of natural water sources.
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