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Danny Fuller. No, the artist

April 14 2009 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

If you surf then you probably know a surfer from the north shore of Oahu named Danny Fuller.

I'm not talking about that one.

Ok, so I am talking about that one.

I had heard about Danny's other interest a while back but never had a chance to see his work. Now we all do. He has a show in NYC now (details to the right) and more info can be found here.

Something happened a while ago... surfers realized it was ok to become something beyond wave riders. I'm not sure when it happened... maybe when Tom Curren moved to France and picked up a guitar.

Or maybe it was always... there... and we just never called it out. Watch the oldest vids you can find and you'll see ukuleles and singing. Check out Leroy Grannis shots of SanO and you'll see an art form being born. Regardless of who is worthy of being credited for kicking things off it's in full swing now.

If you're in NYC. Check out Daniel Fuller's work.

If you're at Pipe. Check out Danny Fuller's work.
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