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Dear President Obama

June 10 2010 | Oil Pollution, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

President Obama,

For the last 50 days, we've watched in horrifying real time, oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico. We are heartened when we hear that our government officials want to
"keep the boot on the neck of BP." That provides a good sound byte and offers a nice visual.

We understand that the blame game garners media coverage, but passing the blame does not solve the larger issue. If a boot needs to be applied perhaps you should look to the government workers under your direction and let them know that business as usual is not the answer.

Let's not get distracted by all the media hooks. Let's focus.

While we're happy to hear that the White House has extended the moratorium on new Deepwater well drilling for six months, cancelled proposed lease sales off the coasts of Virginia and the Gulf of Mexico, and suspended planned exploration in two Alaska sites, this is not enough. We want you to immediately enact a permanent moratorium on new offshore drilling.

Our coastlines are among the largest economic drivers in this country and the ongoing expansion of offshore drilling puts them at risk.

This is not abstract. We finally understand the risks associated with offshore drilling. Oil spills of this type, on ultra-modern facilities, are not new. Less than a year ago we watched this same kind of spill continue for ten weeks off the coast of Western Australia.

President Obama, please stop talking to us about these issues and start leading us.

Please restore the federal offshore drilling moratorium for net new drilling.

BP is a profit-driven corporation. They exist to maximize profits for their stakeholders. BP contributed heavily to your campaign and many others on both sides of the aisle.

The Federal Government is NOT a profit-driven corporation, it exists to protect and serve it's citizens. We do not expect much from BP but we DO expect a lot from our government. It is
your responsibility, not BP's, to protect us and lead us to a promising future.

Ongoing, new and deeper and deeper, offshore drilling is not the answer. It's mathematically impossible for it to be the answer. It's common knowledge that we use 20% of the world's oil and yet have only about 3% of that oil on our soil. These are statistics from our own, US Government, agencies.

Please stop ratcheting up the risks associated with tying ourselves to other people's oil. Opening up more of our precious coastlines may generate massive profits for multinational companies, but it's in conflict with the government's larger role to protect it's citizens well being and future.

Please stop talking and start acting. Please start by restoring the federal offshore drilling moratorium for net new drilling.

Jim Moriarty

P.S. Readers, if you agree with me, tell President Obama yourself.

P.P.S. If you live in an affected area, please share your photos and information about the current spill here.

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