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Desalinization: The SUV of Water

April 17 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

All that water, every drop to drink

Today, McIntyre and Snow discuss the feasibility of filtering ocean water to supply California's water needs. Previously, they debated the of fixing the state's water crisis, the proposed around the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta and . Tomorrow, they'll debate measures to reduce water consumption.

'The SUV of water'
By Mindy McIntyre

With all the growing limitations on freshwater, it is easy to see why people would look to the Pacific Ocean as a potentially unlimited new water supply. However, the reality is that despite the industry-fanned hopes, ocean water desalination remains largely impractical in California.

Many people mistakenly consider ocean desalination a harmless way to get water to growing cities without the effects associated with damming rivers and over-pumping groundwater. The truth is, desalination is one of the most harmful and expensive water options in California. When compared to other available strategies, ocean desalination just doesn't pencil out. more
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