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Disney enables families to connect with coastal environmentalism

January 15 2010 | Events, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

I've waxed on endlessly about onramps and the many flavors of onramps. I feel like I don't shut up about how important it is to have a dialog with everyone (instead of talking with a subset of the population). I have also gone out of my way to make the distinction that we really want to make a "connection" with people using onramps so that they will actually engage in our mission further.

The following is a great example of all these.

In mid-December, Surfrider was approved as an official non-profit participant of the Disney "Give a Day, Get a Day" activation.

In the last 30 days over 5,500 people have connected with the coast via this program.

Virtually all of these people are families.

This large group of people will engage in real, local campaigns that are DIRECTLY connected with our mission.

The power of all this hit me like a ton of bricks. I logged into the Disney app and looked at the names and what local campaigns around the nation they were connecting to. The first thing I noticed was the actual number. There are 191 pages of names of people. 191. Next I was drawn to what those names were connecting to. Most of the thousands of people on the list are connecting to regional beach cleanups. Lastly, I was drawn in by the number of people from each family. Think about who goes to Disneyland and Disneyworld... entire families. Think about who we want to reach out to so we can connect them to the simple joys of our coastlines... entire families. Think of who will be working to engage, to clean our coastlines... entire families. Now, think of the dinnertime dialog that will follow these outings... "mom, why is there so much plastic on the beaches?"

Thank you Disney for your leadership and willingness to connect your parks with missions of organizations like ours.
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