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DIY: How to make stickers

August 05 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

There is a book called "Everything I needed to know I learned in Kindergarten." Perhaps one day I'll write a book titled "Everything I needed to know I learned in punk rock." One lesson from that era was this...

DIY = Do it yourself.

Have you ever wanted to make a sticker to rally the troops, build some local buzz or create some visible excitement around a concept? Here is a simple primer on how to do that, in three steps.

1. Distill your idea down to a few words.
The best messages are the most crisp messages. The fewer the words the better, less is more. All this said, have a hook if possible. Some examples... Keep Tahoe Blue, Surfing is not a crime, Save Trestles, etc.

2. Create a simple image.
You don't have to be an artist to create a sticker, in fact text-only stickers are simple and effective. Less is more.
BASIC APPROACH. Use whatever graphics program you have on your PC already.
ADVANCED APPROACH. Use Adobe Illustrator (or find someone who has this and knows it)

3. Source the stickers online.
Now, you could challenge me and say I'm promoting plastic use. I'm promoting messaging. My sense is that every sticker gets... hundreds if not thousands of impressions (uses). We're exploring alternative sticker types but as of yet we haven't found a good option. If you have, leave a comment with your source.
BASIC APPROACH. Buy sticker paper at Staples. Stick it in printer and... print.
ADVANCED APPROACH., 250 stickers for $20. Excellent service, some FAQs

There it is, a simple guide to making a sticker.

Go... create something memorable.

PS. The I shop therefore I am is a Barbara Kruger masterpiece.
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