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DIY: Videos

May 01 2009 | Activism, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

It's absolutely crystal clear to me, the future is video.

I've posted a few times on the importance of DIY (do it yourself) in our movement. I even posted a simple primer on how to make stickers. If you've read my blog for any length of time, you'll know I'm partial to video... yet I also know that so many people see video creation/editing as beyond them.

My personal mix is GarageBand and iMovieHD to mix video/audio, source the video from a Flip (which is now so cheap I recieved mine inside a giveaway swag bag).

I believe in video but I wouldn't suggest I have the answers regarding how to optimize it for a message, I believe in experimenting. My most recent experiment is the two minute, unedited, one-take videos that attempt to make a seemingly complex subject more understandable.

But I also know that others may read that last sentence and reel... so at the risk of a blatant product pitch, check out Animoto. No, I don't own stock in it. I just love things that create amazing results with a simple interface/interaction. A friend from Surfrider Europe sent me a few vids they did, and they rocked... so you should check this out.

Add some zest, add video. Here's a solution to make that pretty easy. Animoto.

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