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Dune restoration in Texas

April 04 2011 | Beaches, Culture Shifting,

I love photos like the one taken by Rob Nixon to the left. They highlight the simple need for locals to become stewards of the beaches they love. In this case we're talking about a dune restoration project in Texas.

If you look at the numbers there is a nice measurement of success:

44,000 plants were planted, covering approximately 80,000 square feet of dunes.

400 volunteers devoted a total of 1,200 hours.

Those figures are super impressive and kudos to Rob and the rest of the crew behind this effort.

But there is a larger message and Rob captured it well in his blog post.

This is about a cultural shift.

The success captured in the picture is a community coming together to care for the places they recreate.

If left alone and not advocated for the open spaces we love tend to suffer declines. Sometimes they're even lost. This is a photo of that not happening. This image captures a community, engaged.

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