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Earth: The Sequel

May 03 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

I was at EDF in NYC a month or so back to kibitz about wave energy. Fred Krupp gave me a copy of the book he and Miriam Horn recently wrote, "Earth: The Sequel."

Good book. My oversimplified summary of this book is that it explores the leading forces that will address the mess we're in today. More specifically it points to the market and innovation.

This book is silicon valley meets green acres.

That is... it's where investments will be made, what technologies can viably shed us from our oil addiction, how much prices need to drop for the various alternative energies to be viable for the general population and which companies are leading the charge.

In a strange way, this book felt like... home.

Before coming on at Surfrider I spent a couple decades in tech and this book mixes the two worlds as they rightfully should be mixed. Our environmental situation/mess calls for sound policy but also calls for innovative approaches. Earth: The Sequel delivers those goods and provides a nice time stamp on where we are... right... now.

It's a welcome book as so much of the messages in our collective inbox point to the problems and so few point to solutions.

This book is about solutions.

Check their micro site out here.
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