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Endless Ocean: Wii

May 04 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Anything that brings us closer to the ocean... anything that helps us understand the oceans at a deeper level... is a wonderful thing.

Wii came out with Endless Ocean, it's pretty cool.


No, it's not the same as truly being enveloped by the ocean, feeling the water's temperature on your body and seeing it's wonders in realtime through your eyes. I put this into a similar category as Jacques Cousteau's "The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau"... which is to say that I put in the category of an onramp. It offers a vehicle for people to better understand our oceans, waves and beaches. It's a place for people to plug in.

I know a lot of us watched these episodes when we were kids and a strange, unseen world came into view... came into focus.


If you game, check out Wii's Endless Ocean and find a way to connect with the oceans at a deeper level (sorry for the lame pun).

If you're not a gamer, join Surfrider. Join a global movement to protect our oceans, waves and beaches.
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