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Endless surf craft experimentation

January 25 2010 | Surfing, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Maybe it's that I never bought into the "only ride thrusters" mindset... but I find the current era of massive exploration, from every angle, very invigorating.

I know it never really ended... there have been those that have never stopped testing new approaches. That list is endless but Carl Ekstrom's asymetrical boards, Derek Hynd's finless craft and the Campbell brothers multi-decade nod to the bonzer come to mind.

But things have changed... perhaps not since MR shaped and ripped his twinnies have we seen this level of experimentation by the best surfers on the globe.

I love to see people like Rob rip at Cardiff on an alaia, watch Rasta find joy surfing rubber mats and watch Kelly as he takes a Frank Ghery approach (computer meets artisan) to rethinking shape. Below is one of Kelly's newest experiments, the Chunnel.

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