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Everything’s amazing, nobody’s happy… Happy Thanksgiving

November 26 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

A few nights ago I paddled out with some friends for an evening glass off. Truth is that before I went out I wasn't in the best of moods.

As I paddled out I was taken in with how stunningly gorgeous it was. The water was sheet glass, the crowd was minimal and the waves were perfect for an old-school singlefin log. The next couple hours delivered entertainment and wonder better than almost anything else I can point to. Offer me front row tickets or a magical session with some friends and I will always pick the latter.

Check out the video below. It should hit home. It should remind us that we DO have amazing things around us (and I'm not talking about anything tech-related)... our oceans, waves and beaches ARE amazing.

And the most amazing oceans, waves and beaches are those that have NOT changed over the years.

Don't become cynical about the ongoing march of progress, that is shallow and... ugly.

Become re-fascinated by the natural wonders around us, that never... loose their luster.

This Thanksgiving, turn the TV off... go for a hike, paddle out... bask in the simple and free beauty nature offers.

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