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May 08 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

"People always tell me not to be extreme. 'Be reasonable!' they say. But I never felt it did any good to be reasonable about anything in conservation, because what you give away will never come back - ever. When it comes to saving wilderness we cannot be extreme enough. To compromise is to lose."
- Martin Litton

It's fascinating to see where one person draws the line of acceptability versus another. One person's actions may seem totally over-the-top to another... while yet another person will see those same actions and think they aren't committed enough.

Another angle into this is that any given person will go to different lengths for different causes... we all have things that WE believe are important and, based on our higher level of commitment, will take on greater risk. I'm always amused to see a person I see as heavily committed to a cause see another person, who is dedicated to another cause, and essentially write them off as an extremist or a whacko.

Of course I'm no different. My causes are my own and I have varying degrees I'll go to defend them.

I do think, however, that one of the metrics we should take into consideration is the long-term impact of a decision. The quote above resonates with me... as I've seen, too many times, people sit on the sidelines and not be willing to get their hands dirty... and lose the very things they love so much. To be frank, I tend not to respect those people very much. I respect people that are committed, even if I disagree with their cause... I admire commitment.

Where do you draw the line?

What does commitment look like to you?

What's "extreme"?
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