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Fantasy and reality

December 04 2012 | Water, Beaches, Plastics, Water Quality, Surfing,

You've seen the ads.

Pristine beach... not a speck of sand out of place... a cold beer sitting just out of reach... clean water as far as you can see... a palm tree drifting into the top third of the photo.


Dream vacation.

At least the word "dream" is accurate.

We don't think a beach exists on the planet without bits of plastic on it.

We've taken our fantasy of a pristine beach and trashed it.

Our pals over at Heal the Bay just posted some photos of Santa Monica after the "first flush" (the term Southern Californians use to describe what happens during the first heavy rain of the winter). The photo to the left is a "first flush" photo. If you think this pic is nasty, check out the others here.

We, surfers and beach lovers, are sick of this trash.

This is why we do what we do.

Since 2006 we've had 55 victories that directly deal with keeping plastic trash out of the ocean and off your beaches.

This is why we ask for your support, so we can deal with this kind of... trash.

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