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Fete de la Corniche

November 14 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Once a year, in the Basque section of France, people come together to appreciate the region. This event is "Fete de la Corniche."

I drove this part of the coast about a month ago, we parked the car... got out and walked. It was stunning on a few fronts. First of all the land is untouched... it's more "country" than the North Shore's version of "country." You may be thinking to yourself "well, that's a silly comparison as they don't have waves like they do on the North Shore. Go here to have your opinion changed.

But this post is about this gathering, this Fete.

They have brought nature, the arts, fine French cuisine and local populations together.

The entire event is human-powered, natural in every way possible and aimed at helping people understand the beauty of the coastlines right in front of them. In a way this is an upside-down version of the Save Trestles fight in Southern California... this is about proactive appreciation of a region instead of a reactive fight. Yes, both have roads bisecting them, but this region would look different if it had seven lanes of toll road, interchanges, etc.

Take a look at these photos.  This is environmentalism at it's best.

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