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File under: Joy

May 20 2009 | Joy, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

I'll never forget the first time I took my Joe Bark 12' out to the kelp beds... and then scooted down the coast. It was like being in the ocean for the first time.

It's a simple love of oceans, waves and beaches that we have in common. What better way to explore and nurture that love than by seeking new ways to experience oceans, waves and beaches?

I saw the below pics over on Ed Fladung's finely curated blog Quality Peoples... and they reminded me why I made an Alaia... and why I can't wait to get it back out in ocean where it belongs. It reminded me of the myriad of ways a person can ride a wave.

Try a new approach. Change your perspective on the things you think you know so well. Compound your joy.

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