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Footprints of our choices

March 22 2011 | Art,
by Jim

I love this work by Casey McKee because it illustrates real life. We tend not to connect the dots in our lives. The plastic products we buy require oil which must be extracted from somewhere. They require more oil to be manufactured somewhere else and yet more oil to get those products to us. Our choices have footprints that we don't acknowledge. We watch horrific oil spills like last years epic BP catastrophe... yet don't grasp that we are a part of the oil demand equation. All of us use large amounts of electricity... yet we don't connect our use to events like the current meltdown in Japan which is taking away livelihoods, contaminating regions and even causing a wave to be lost. Our choices, all of our choices, have impacts. We tend to think we can compartmentalize our choices and our lives. We shouldn't. We should seek to understand the impacts of our choices and make any adjustments we can. The painting causes us to react because it addresses this issue head on. We want one painting in our homes with the tiny yellow umbrellas against a backdrop of ocean and sky blues. We want the oil tanker out of our periphery... somewhere else, anywhere else. People drive to the mall and think they're green because the tshirt they bought is organic. It's not like I'm better... I work at an environmental organization and drive 40 minutes to work. No. We can't stop making choices which have footprints. Life demands that of us, your child may need a ride to their soccer game. Yes. We can learn more about the impacts related to our choices. Maybe our kid can get a ride with a buddy going to the same place at the same time. Casey has a show opening in Frankfurt this Friday. If you live in Frankfurt... take the train or ride your bike to the show.
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