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For all people…

June 09 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

My wife met a friend at Swamis the other morning to walk the stairs. She was running a bit late and, amazingly enough, found a parking spot in the lot even though the waves were clean and shoulder high. She parked and was walking swiftly to catch up to her friend and overheard one of a guy hanging out at the top of the stairs say loudly to his buddy "there should be a law that only surfers can park here."

I've never, ever understood this mindset. The mindset that is essentially selfish and exclusionary. Oceans, waves and beaches are for all people... that phrase is literally at the heart of our mission statement. That doesn't mean that one group should have preferencial access to a beach or a wave. It doesn't mean that a group of people should have some parking preference based on... their sport preference.

For all people...

Oceans, waves and beaches should be accessible for all ages of people, for all genders, for all political parties, for all enthusiast groups, for all income brackets, etc. To go up against these ideas is to set yourself, and the rest of us,
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