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Franz List

January 10 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

I dig lists.

I think we all must as there are so many darn lists published... they must have some meaningful readership. One of my favorite go-to year-end review lists is Bob Boilen's on All Songs... which, granted, doesn't really have anything... at all... to do with environmental issues. From a green-lens perspective, Grist has a decent backward-looking list.

But more relevant to me are the mainstream mirrors as, of course, greenies will have green lists. I want more of a T1 into the collective zeitgeist. I want a perspective on society as a whole and where the environment is being ranked.

Below is JWT's "80 things to watch in 2008" (alpha order). This isn't as much of a looking backward list as much as an armchair prophecy for the next 12 months. It's the soothsayer perspective. What strikes me is not any individual entry but the aggregate number of entries that deal with environmental issues.

I included #53 because Kona, Steve Blank's black lab, resides in the office next door. I'm throwing him a bone (sorry).

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