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March 09 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Chris Anderson is someone I follow. His last tome, on the Long Tail, explained the shift we see day to day (we had three TV channels in the 70s, today we have thousands with cable and the net and access to so much more niche content).

In the video above, he's talking with Charlie Rose about "FREE". This concept is, like Long Tail, very relevant in today's shifting society. This matters to Surfrider as we do not live in a vacuum.

Our mission competes for people's attention and resources like every other entity.

Another angle on this that intrigues me is that the majority of what we, Surfrider, do is in fact... free.

Volunteer at a beach cleanup.

Voice your opinion at a City Council Meeting.

Help drive a plastic ban bag.

Our MySpace friends surpassed our actual member count last year. No, they are not the same thing and yet they are in fact related. They both represent groups of people aligning themselves with us in a concrete way.

We'd love you all to join us for $25 a year but so much of what we're about is... free.

Love the coast, get involved in protecting it.

Food for thought.
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