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From Ireland to Burma to Africa to France to America to New Calidonia: the Marie Contassot podcast

May 01 2012 | Podcasts,

Truly global perspectives are fantastic to interact with but seemingly hard to come by.

The truth is that few of us make it a priority to travel extensively and live in different cultures throughout our lives.

Marie Contassot is an exception to that rule. She has lived in all the places mentioned in the title and is still only 26 years old. 

She was with Surfrider Europe until a few months ago and transferred over to work with us at HQ in San Clemente. Since then she's been working in our marketing and communicaitons area and focusing on helping us connect-the-dots between efforts between both continents.

I sat down to hear her story and views of the various places in the world, how they're all connected and intersect with our mission.

Listen in as we catch up.

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