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From South Africa to Kirra: the Neil Lazarow podcast

June 15 2009 | Podcasts,
by Jim

Kirra is one of those waves with enough heft that it immediately brings an image into people’s minds. For me it’s an image of Rabbit Bartholemew on a wave so perfect, so clean, so green it’s been drawn on kids notebooks. The photo to the right is close...

On a recent trip to Australia to work with our affiliate, I met up with another name that should be near that same level of recognition, Neil Lazarow. Neil has been studying this wave for a while. He's studying the man-made dredging that formed Kirra, then formed the Superbank and then formed the Superbeach.

This is a dredging-gone-awry story. This is a man-that-cannot-control-nature story. This is a story that’s worth hearing. Perhaps even more interesting is Neil’s back story, how he came to this spot in his life, and where he sees himself in the future. I asked Neil for the Kirra story, but what I got was something even more powerful.

From the headland overlooking Kirra we caught up, listen in.

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