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From the eyes of a surfer: Dane Peterson captures Belinda Baggs

January 05 2009 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

I think the above image captures the sport of surfing as much... or more... than any other single image I've seen. More than Gerry at Pipe. More than Curren's schoolbook cutty. This image captures something that most images of surfing don't. It captures joy.

The one image that comes to mind as something that goes beyond this Ron Stoner's classic Hammond's Reef shot (2nd in slideshow).

The above is Beninda Baggs. Artfully riding the nose. Gorgeous composition and flow.

Check our Dane Peterson's new site. I happen to love art and photographs done by surfers because they have insider knowledge about what it means to ride a wave. I'd venture to say that this photograph could not have been taken by a non-surfer. Insane job Dane.

I'm guessing some of you will disagree with my suggestion this is a more notable photo than others... what image do you think encapsulates surfing the most.
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