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Getting green done

March 09 2011 | Communications,
by Jim

As is the case with most evolving concepts, the core message tends to be oversimplified so it can be understood (and hopefully embraced) by the masses. It's understandable why this is done, people can only digest so much and only embrace so much change. The green movement isn't any different. It was marketed as easy... simple, just refuse a single-use plastic bag and you're green. The truth about the green movement is that living an examined life is harder, not easier, than not living that way. It's easy to accept the plastic bag a checkout clerk gives you (regardless of it's impact) and harder to remember to bring your own, reusable bag. It's easier to not tell a smoker to pick up their cigarette butt than it is to tell them why they need to pick it up. It's easier to rent the lowest cost commercial space you can find versus taking extra time, energy and money to build out a LEED space. The disconnect in the above scenarios made me stoked to see "Getting Green Done" end up on my desk (thanks Robyn Vettraino). The book explores the simple idea that "going green" requires getting dirty. The cover image offers an apropos metaphor. Few things that are truly meaningful and impactful in life are easy. This book captures that essence well. Get it here.
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