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Global Wave Conference this weekend in Baja, Mexico

April 30 2013 | Waves, Activism, Surfing,

If you surf, you should tune into the Global Wave Conference 3 happening this weekend. Here is the site, the agenda and the details. Follow on Twitter at #GWC2013

In a few words, this is the gathering of the wave protection tribe. 

On one level the idea here is simple. Many of us are surfers, we love waves.

Some surfers engage to protect waves from being damaged or lost. This event is a gathering of the leaders from virtually all of the groups on the planet leading the wave protection charge.

This group is coming together to discuss...
- Threats to the waves
- Wave protection programs
- Surfonomics & economic value of the waves
- Wave protection for everybody and by everybody
- Politics, institutions & wave protection
- Role of surfers/ocean recreation in wave and environmental protection
- Wave protection : cases studies and success stories

Let me also be clear about what we want to achieve. We know what it's like to lose a wave

We will consider this conference a success if...
- This group of leaders creates a united wave protection network composed of organizations fighting for wave protection and committing to work together on this issue
- Mid-term and long-term goals are determined in the field of wave protection
- This group creates a shared vision which includes how we can optimize our collaboration movign forward

See you on Twitter (I'm @jimmoriarty).

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