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God went surfing with the devil

May 05 2011 | Beach access, Joy, Stories, Surfing,

If we want to go surfing most of us go down to the beach and paddle out. This is not the case in Gaza.

I watched God Went Surfing With The Devil last night and the theme that kept circling through my head was "challenged joy."

Surfrider's mission is "protection and enjoyment of oceans, waves and beaches via our powerful activist network." The truth is that we tend to take joy element for granted. We do that because it's fairly easy to tap into it... get down to the beach and, if you're a surfer, paddle out.


This film presents the joy of riding waves in a very different light, it's juxtaposed with war.

In their reality nothing is easy. Even getting a surfboard into the area isn't easy. And this is what makes the film so worthwhile... it ratchets up the value of riding waves by simultaneously showing how far the locals in Israel and Palestine will go to tap into that joy.

Another theme which threads through the film is how surfing is truly a great equalizer. When we paddle out our socioeconomic class no longer matters. Our gender or choice of religion fall away... when we paddle out we focus on what we have in common and that is a love of oceans, waves and beaches.

This is a brilliant and relevant film. See it.

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