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Governor Jerry Brown closes 25% of California’s State Parks

May 17 2011 | Beach access, Beaches,

In what could be a best case scenario Californians woke up a few days ago to find out that a quarter of our state parks, 70 in total, were slotted to be closed.

This hasn't happened in 100 years.

Another way to say that same thing is that in 1911, the year Italy declared war on the Ottoman Empire, California closed a State Park.

How far we've come.

When I think about California I think of it's gorgeous coastlines, it's innovative spirit and it's State Parks. When I think of the legacy will leave to our children and the fact that our generation is taking a full 25% of State Parks and closing them I think we've failed at something very elementary and simple.

We're going to leave things worse off than we found them... that's not a legacy to be proud of.

70 California state parks, the list is here.

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