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Guerilla webcasting

July 18 2009 | DIY Activism, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

As I've mentioned a few times before, I grew up on punk rock. The essence of punk rock is DIY (do it yourself). It suggested that anyone could start a band, anyone could start a clothing label or anyone could start a magazine.

Now anyone can start a broadcast.

Check out USTREAM.

Now think about your coastal campaigns. Think about issues that are never acted on because they happen in back-offices, with small audiences, etc. Think about doubling the number of people that come to a chapter meeting (and drawing people from geographies outside your local area).

As I also tend to say over and over again, this isn't about the tech. It's about what tech enables.

In this case the tech I'm pointing to enables you to
  • Set up your own broadcast for the world to see using a webcam or any net-attached camera
  • Use an iphones for both up- and down-stream
  • Add a chat feature so people aren't simply passively watching... they can be engaged
Understand what tools are out there. Leverage any tool available to move your idea, program or campaign forward.

Punk rock.
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