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Help us ban the bag in California

January 23 2014 | Activism, Plastics,

Do one thing today to help keep our oceans, waves and beaches clean. 

Help us pass a bag ban in California.


As ocean lovers, surfers and beach goers we understand this issue. We see plastic on the beach, usually at the high tide line, every time we visit. We know that virtually all of the trash on the beach includes, or is entirely made from plastic. 

Most of us have done countless beach cleanups which are reactive, we're trying to clean the oceans and beaches after they're already trashed. The truth is that the opportunities to be proactive come around less frequently, this is one of those times.

The California State Legislature is considering a bill that prohibits grocery stores and large retailers from providing single-use bags to customers beginning January 1, 2015.

The ban on single-use bags expands to convenience food stores, foodmarts, and certain other specified stores, on July 1, 2016.

Everyone knows that California coasts are valuable drivers of a tourism industry worth billions of dollars and thousands of jobs in our state. We need sound policies to keep our beaches clean and maintain healthy ecosystems.

This state-wide ban has been building for years. Over 50 local jurisdictions in California have already seen the importance of this action and have banned plastic bags. Please click the above link and your State Senator know you support this legislation and a phasing out of plastic checkout bags statewide.

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