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May 06 2009 | Modern Activism, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

If you are on Facebook you may have noticed the multitude of Surfrider pages. Our main page just topped 100,000 members. This effort was largely led by our staffer and social network guru Vickie McMurchie.

What comes after 100,000?


I’d like to draw upon all of your Facebook networks and ask you to help us grow this number. We need all of your help to point more and more people to low-friction destinations like this one. This is a viral application, it’s one that we need YOUR help in building.

We know that 97% of the non-profits on Facebook have less than 10,000 friends and as of a few weeks ago we were the second largest enviro non-profit on fb. But from my perspective 100,000 isn’t nearly enough. We need to double it and then double it again.

I've written numerous times on this blog regarding onramps, this is one. It's one that we're all building together. When people are connected to us, even lightly like with the facebook page... it gives us a place to message to them and talk to them about the challenges to our oceans, waves and beaches.

So here’s the ask.

Please seriously consider inviting every one of your friends to become a supporter of Surfrider via Facebook.

If you’re on Facebook, go here

Right under the “25” there is an invite button, click on that and your friend list will come up. You can add 60 per day. Also, if your friends already are connected... their names won’t show up on the add list.

Groups like this these matter because they are one step closer on the engagement ladder with us. When I think of our mission, THESE are the types of massive onramps we not only need more of... we need to invest more in the onramps already built.

Thanks very much for being part of this.

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