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Hiromi would go

October 31 2010 | Activism, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

The phrase "Eddie would go" has taken on mythical proportions. It speaks to the essence of being a Hawaiian and a waterman. Eddie Aikau, the namesake of the phrase is legendary for his love of the ocean, his homeland and his friends. The phrase mainly reflects his surfing; he charged large Waimea Bay waves. The phrase also goes beyond surfing and speaks to the ideal of commitment. Hiromi Matsubara reminds me of Eddie Aikau. The fact that she has one sticker on her car "Eddie would go" solidified my impression. To put it succinctly, Hiromi goes. I've been surfing with her in Southern California and Kamagowa, Japan and if a set wave is on the horizon you can bet Hiromi is scratching for position and taking off at the critical moment. But, like Eddie, Hiromi is about more than just waves. She loves her surroundings and appreciates the priceless things in life. She invests in those things. In the end Eddie gave his life attempting to rescue his friends. Hiromi likewise, gives of herself for the larger issues Surfrider Japan faces. I caught up with Hiromi after the recent international conference in southeastern Japan. Listen in. Audio player is under photo to the left.
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