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Hold onto your butt

March 17 2011 | Activism,
by Jim

Why do some people think it's acceptable to litter? In this case I'm talking about people who smoke and then flick their butt with seemingly zero regard for where it lands. The #1 most littered item is... drum roll... you already know the answer... cigarette butts. Cigarette butt litterers take a pristine area like the beach and visually transform it into an ashtray. Cigarette filters are made of plastic cellulose acetate and can take 15 years to decompose. A 60 second smoke with impacts that last a decade and a half. Kudos to the Surfrider San Diego chapter for working with California State Parks to put these stainless steel butt receptacles in places where people smoke and... litter. There are 110 currently up in 8 or so communities, you can see a map of those here. The chapter hopes to place 100 more of these in 2011. More on Hold onto your Butt.
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