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House swapping for traveling surfers

August 17 2010 | Surfing, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

I believe I first met Sylvain on Facebook, that by itself sets up this idea. He is an enterprising French entrepreneur that has a very simple idea. Re-use housing. I'm guessing you've heard of house-swapping sites that enable you to travel somewhere and stay in someone's home while they stay in your home. Something about that always felt right to me... it feels... personal. Sylvain's idea is simple. Swap and surf... and that's what he's named his site (which is here). I haven't used the service and I try hard not to do product/service promotion on this blog and yet when I find interesting options out there for people that love oceans, waves and beaches I feel compelled to pass 'em on. Check the site out. If you've wanted to surf somewhere and can't swing the lodging at the destination... maybe this is your chance, swap your house or apartment.
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