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How close do you live to the beach?

January 02 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

I love those little interactive features on web sites. I’m like Pavlov’s dog… I see a poll on a website. I take the poll.

I don’t necessarily draw any massive conclusions or make life-altering decisions based on web polls… they simply offer another lens into an issue.

This is one of the reasons I popped a poll on this blog. Another reason is I’m a sucker for testing new code, new features, new… stuff. Lastly I want to promote the usage of every available tool available to our global activists. A poll is simply one more tool, perhaps not the best tool for all needs but they do have their place.

This past December I asked the simple question “How close do you live to the beach?” Honestly I’m a bit surprised by the respondents as they skew very heavily toward living less than a mile from the beach. Sure, some of this may be aspirational (people think they are a mile when they may be two or three miles) and the results may be skewed by a low population size (40 votes). Even when putting a filter on these results they paint the simple story that... if you're associated with Surfrider then you've done something, perhaps many things, to enable you to live less than a mile to the beach. Simple question. Simple answer. Alignment on our mission.

Next poll up, probing your quiver...

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