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How do you stop a bad coastal project which has more lives than an ill-conceived TV zombie?

October 18 2013 | Waves, Activism, Communications, Surfing,

This is the way you stop a bad coastal project: you engage in the fight to preserve the area... and never, ever walk away.

All kinds of Sun Tsu-isms come to mind for this latest chapter in the Save Trestles fight.

I'm drawn to the phrase popularized by Gordon Labedz, one of our activists in Hawaii...

"Constant pressure, endlessly applied."

As a quick reminder, the Save Trestles campaign is Surfrider's fight to preserve a California State Park and perhaps the best wave in the continental United States. 

This fight has been going on for over two decades.

Two decades.

That fact is noteworthy because it's tied to our ongoing success. How do you stop a bad coastal project which has more lives than an ill-concieved TV zombie?

You never leave.

You don't stop fighting.

You never lose sight of how special and valuable the natural resources there are.

The Trestles fight is similar to the Keep the Country, Country fight on the North Shore of Oahu. The reason that "Seven Mile Miracle" is still healthy is because the Keep the Country, Country fight has been going on for... more than twenty years.

The details in this latest round are nicely encapsulated in the piece below.

One last point...

We're not going away. We will never go away. We all love Trestles too much to see it damaged. We will also take this mindset, protecting what we love, to the ends of the earth.

Huge thank you to all that have ever connected to this fight and thanks in advance for passing the Save Trestles baton to your kids. 


Thanks to Jerry Collamer for this latest round of creative.

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