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How many surfboards do you own?

January 30 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Last month I asked the consumer-oriented question “how many surfboards do you own?” Yes, I included the option of zero.

I asked this question, which is seemingly almost crass on the surface, to understand how select areas of spending can be out of whack while we try so hard to decrease other consumerist behaviors.

Like with last month's poll... I’m a bit surprised by the results (over 80 total votes).

Net net, a third of people that voted have two or three boards and another quarter of the group had between four and six boards.

One aspect of this question that may have thrown people off is that I was really asking how many TOTAL boards you own… not how many to you surf with any regularity. I only surf a few boards but I have… others.

I asked the question because I was expecting a higher mean… I was expecting the average to be in the four to six range. Now I see that I was simply projecting the fact that I have too many boards onto others.

So, we’re not as hedonisticly consumer-oriented as I thought… it’s just me with the board obsession. Me, Marco, Twon, Chad, Olaf… and a host of others that didn’t vote.

Here's a great site to pare down your... collection.

Anyone surprised? Do you think people cheated? Was this a stupid question to begin with?
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